Palace of Devotion Episode 22 English Sub

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Story Line

Orphaned as a child, Liu E travels to the capital Kaifeng, and later catches the eye of Zhao Heng. Though she was a concubine, Liu E was perceptive to state affairs, and often discussed politics with Zhao Heng. This tradition continued when he became emperor in 997. Liu E is crowned empress after adopting the son of a concubine (later Emperor Renzong), and serves as regent of the Song Dynasty during the last two years of her husband’s reign. Liu E would continue to rule until her death twelve years later in 1033.

Drama Detail

  • Native Title: 大宋宫词
  • Also Known As: Poetry of the Song Dynasty , Da Song Gong Ci
  • Director: Li Shao Hong, Li Shao Hong, Zeng Nian Ping
  • Screenwriter: Zhang Yong Chen
  • Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama
  • Tags: Song Dynasty, Biographical, Empress, Inspired By Real Person

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