Phoenix Episode 5 English Sub

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Story Line

Belonging to the wealthiest class and as the daughter of an influential chaebol family in Korea, Ji Eun grew up with everything. When she meets Se Hoon, who comes from an underprivileged family, he treats her like no other, and she falls in love with him. Although Ji Eun’s family opposes their relationship, they get married. However, due to reoccurring conflicts, Ji Eun and Se Hoon become exhausted and end their marriage. Ten years later, fate ironically reverses their lives. Se Hoon, who is now a successful man, buys Ji Eun’s house out of revenge. But when he stands in front of her as Willian Jang, he only wants to help her. Nonetheless, there is Mi Ran, with whom he is in a serious relationship with, and next to Ji Eun is her new love, Jung Min, who is devoted to her. This drama is the 2020 version of the intertwined fates of four people’s love.

Drama Detail

  • Native Title: 불새2020
  • Also Known As: Bul Sae , bulsae , The Fire Bird , Phoenix – 2020 , 불새 , Bulsae 2020
  • Screenwriter: Lee Yoo Jin
  • Director: Lee Hyun Jik
  • Genres: Romance, Drama, Melodrama
  • Tags: Kind-hearted Female Lead, Hardworking Male Lead, Meet Again, Remake, Morning Drama, Divorce, Rich Woman/Poor Man, Rags To Riches, Twins, Riches To Rags

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